We generally recommend placing orders at least 6 months in advance to ensure availability, especially during May-December event dates as these fill up fast. However, we may be able to provide linens next day for the last minute reservations depending on availability. To better serve all our customers, and to ensure you receive the colors and sizes you want, we recommend advance reservations. When this is not possible, we will accept last minute orders based on availability. Every effort will be made to expedite these orders.If booking one of our packages however (we set up and take down and provide all linen and decor customized to your requirements), we advice that you book us as early as you can as we can only perform a limited number of set up/breakdown per week-end, these services tends to fill up pretty fast.

You can come in to our showroom to book your decor and linen within our showroom hours (posted on our contact page), you can also book over the phone or online on our website. If you require individualized attention and details to go over your special day decor, we advise you schedule a consultation. When you schedule a showroom viewing, we will go over your decor requirements in details, do some mock ups and go over various decor options. We will then provide you with a quote. Quotes do not reserve items or services and due to the number of quotes we provide we do not keep track of quotes. You must confirm a quote by making the required deposit in order for items to be reserved. We also require our Rental Terms and Service Agreement to be read, agreed to and signed along with the required deposit to ensure a confirmed booking.

You may request a quote on our website through the Get Quote page and you will receive an e-mail quote detailing your selections.
All our items have colors, sizes, materials etc well detailed on our site. You should be able to make a selection with this. If you will require a touch and feel to ensure a perfect match with your colors, you can request us to mail fabric swatches in your color family and we will gladly do that. If you desire we can deliver these items to you for a stress free booking process!
Please note that selections or quotes without a deposit or signed rental terms/service agreement are considered “inquiries” and DO NOT confirm booking.

We advice that you book your highest anticipated guest count. About 2 weeks to your event, we will send you an email reminder to provide us with your final count, you can them increase or decrease these within limit at least 2 weeks before your event.

The size of the table linen you need depends on the size of the table you are using and the desired look you are trying to achieve. Please contact us to guide you in the choice of the linen size that works best for your tables.

Ask your event location for the sizes of their tables and types of chairs you will be using. As an added guide, we have included this sizing information below:

Round Tables

First, you need to choose the amount of drop you’d like to have. The standard round banquet table is 30” high, so to drop halfway to the floor you need 15”. If you want to cover a 60 inch (5ft) round table and have the standard 15” drop, you will need 60” to cover the table-top, then an additional 15” on either side of the table: top = 60”, drop from edge of table = 15” (X 2 – two edges.) So you will need a 90” round tablecloth to cover your 60” round table and still have 15” of drop.

Now, if you want the tablecloth to drop all the way to the floor, you will need 30” drop instead of 15”. Formula: top = 60”, drop from edge of table = 30” (X 2 – two edges), for a total length of 120 inches.

Standard sizes:

* 48” (4ft) round table needs 70” cloth

* 60”(5ft) round table needs 90” cloth or for an old style “square-on- round” look, use a 120” round tablecloth with an 85” square tablecloth on a 60” round table

* 72”(6ft) round table needs 120” cloth.

Square and Rectangular Tables

The standard banquet table is 30” high, so to drop halfway to the floor you need 15”. So, if you want to cover a 55 inch square table and have the standard 15” drop, you will need 55” to cover the table-top, then an additional 15” on either side of the table: top = 55”, drop from edge of table = 15” (X 2 – two edges.) You will need an 85” square tablecloth to cover your 55” table and still have 15” of drop.

Rectangular Tables must take into account both the length and the width.

Standard sizes:

*6’ (6ft) rectangular banquet table needs a 60×102 cloth. (15” uniform drop)

* 8’ (8ft) rectangular banquet table needs a 60×126 cloth. (15” uniform drop)

* 90x 132 cloths: when used on a 6’ (6ft) banquet table the cloth will drop all the way to the floor.

Use this formula for any size table: add to the diameter of the table 30” for a standard drop. For a drop that goes all the way to the floor add 60”to the diameter of the table top.

To ensure you receive the correct size chair cover we need the following information: whether the chair you will be using is a metal folding chair, a wooden folding chair, or a stackable banquet chair. Most facilities classify their chair as a standard. We encourage you to get measurements in order to determine the best fit. You will want to measure how wide the back of the chair is at its widest point and how tall the chair is from the very top of the back of the chair to the floor.

Our chair covers are designed for armless chairs only. We however carry the universal chair covers which may work for chairs with arms, we advice you take out a sample to try for fit.

We have over 30 colors available to match your color family in our sashes, napkins and overlays. Tablecloths and skirts also come in a large array of colors to complement your event. Many of our chair covers are also available in a variety of colors for an additional fee. Tell us what you are looking for and we will try to help you find it!

The colors/pattern we carry are:

White | Black | Ivory | Silver | Beige | Chocolate | Dark Brown | Pink |Fuchsia | Dusty Rose | Red | Burgundy | Eggplant | Purple | Lavender | Baby Blue | Turquoise | Royal Blue | Navy Blue | Tea Green | Pine Green | Sage | Hunter Green | Lemon | Marigold | Peach | Pumpkin |Gold| Black on White Damask|Apple green|Charcoal|Blush Pink|Teal|Gold

We can prepare a sample pack of the items that require fitting/sizing for you to take to the venue and try on different looks to ensure proper fit (a refundable deposit applies when picking these items up).

You will have the opportunity to see these during initial consultation. All of our items are available to view on line, but we also know the importance of touching and feeling the fabrics. Let us know the colors of your event and we can put together some samples for you. For convenience we can mail you a swatch to ensure an exact match. Please view our online catalog for the colors we carry.

We carry a range of specialty linen for you special tables (head tables/sweetheart tables, cake, candy, gift, memorial and guest book tables.These includes Rosette linen, crushed linen, sequined and a number of linen with decorative accents in a variety of color and texture.We also carry table skirting including straight and accordion pleated skirts in polyester and lace in a number of colors. Colored swags in lengths of over 30ft are available in a wide range of color and texture for accent swag for these tables as well.

Our backdrop component comes in easy to transport sections.They come in reinforced carrying cases and can be transported by most standard vehicle, no need to rent a big vehicle for this purpose as they break down in manageable sections. They are also very easy to set up and take down with the push of buttons to reach desired height and width. These can be set up easily in as little as 15 minutes if assembling these units for the first time.


You can pay cash if paying in person.

Payment by check can be mailed or paid in person. Please make all checks payable to Beautiful Linen Rentals. Credit Card payment is equally accepted. Once indicated we will send you a payable invoice you can pay with major credit cards. E-mail money transfer is a popular payment option as well.

Final Payments

On the day you pick up or have your items delivered we only accept cash as a final form of payment (usually for last minute orders, additions and refundable damage deposit).

Payment by check can be mailed or paid in person. Please make all checks payable to Beautiful Linen Rentals. Checks must be received in our office at least 2 weeks before the event date.

Credit card payments are accepted both over the phone and in store. Credit Card payment is equally accepted . E-mail money transfer is a popular payment option as well.

We will work with you so you don’t have to pay more than 25% deposit. If your order has specialty items, a 50% deposit may be required at the time of reservation. If your event is less than two weeks away then full payment is required.

Your final payment is due two weeks before your event. You may pay your final balance with a credit card (payments are accepted both over the phone, via payment link in invoice and in store) check and cash. If you wish to pay by check or money order, your final payment must be received in our office three weeks prior to your event.

Yes we offer interest free payment plan options.

Our linens are steamed prior to rentals. Our spandex lines are wrinkle free.

For a Saturday event, pick up is Thursday between 9.30am and 2.30pm and return Monday between 9.30am and 2.30pm, if a business day. If your event is outside of the province we allow earlier pick up, let us know and we will try and work out an agreeable date. If you have a special requirement for pick up and delivery let us know at time of booking, we will try our best to accommodate your request.

In the event that you need to reschedule your event, please notify us immediately of the date change. You have up to ONE year to reschedule without losing your deposit.

All orders are welcome.

Yes we do. There is a minimum set up fee applicable.

Yes we provide a flat rate delivery within Halifax. Additional travel fees will apply to venues outside of Halifax.

All Linens should be shaken clean, no dry cleaning necessary, we take care of the laundry. Linens should be dry to prevent staining and mildew. Please shake out any loose debris from linen (food, petals, decorations, etc). We will provide you with containers to store used linens.

We send all returned linens to our dry cleaning company hence, no need for you to clean any of our linen.

We ask that you take as much care as possible to ensure stains are prevented. Waxed candles should not be placed directly on any of our products. Candle wax destroys linens and replacement costs will be charged. Damage due to negligence will result in extra costs for cleaning or replacement.

>YES!! We are located at 7161 Quinpool rd, Halifax, close to the armdale rotary. Our showroom is centrally located in Halifax, where we provide free consultation. Walk-ins are welcome, please note though that we sometimes close for a short period of time in the day to make deliveries and pick up of linen  to various facilities, often we will post a return time on our door. If you require individualized attention to go over your special day decor, we strongly advice you schedule an appointment, for this please complete the form on the Schedule Consultation page with your desired consultation time and we will get back to you soon.